Taiko drumming, New Mexico style

Ray and I had so much fun trying out Taiko drumming in Tokyo that we decided to find classes in New Mexico. Bushido Kenkyukai is a well-known dojo for taiko drumming and martial arts. We went to an introductory class which included demonstrations by local students and practice drumming.

As usual, New Mexico artists have added their own twist to a traditional Japanese art. The New Mexico version includes more drummers, extra instruments, and special riffs that aren’t heard in Japan. Still, the foundation is traditional so it’s a fascinating fusion of cultures.

Another local group NM Taiko is also seen at local events like the very popular Aki Matsuri, a Japanese fall festival.

For practicing, since taiko drums are expensive, many artists make use of old tires coveted tightly with packing tape.

It doesn’t give the depth of sound that a real drum does but it definitely is good for an active taiko workout.

So, are you tempted to try taiko drumming?

We’ve Got Big Drums


On the way to our workout/class for Taiko drumming, we spotted a fun workout gym. Now for the fun part. Here’s a sample of what we were trying to do. Fun video of Taiko drumming

Our instrctor uses the big drum. She played an amazing concert for us. I have video but we were asked not to share on line. (Close friends can ask for a link if you promise, like me, not to share it online. We not only have video of her but also of Ray and I )

Smaller drums in storage.