Beautiful birds

Snow geese relaxing on the water

Recently, we visited Bosque del Apache to see the snow geese and sandhill crane migrations. The ideal time to visit is at sunrise in mid November, so one can see the cranes vortex up to the sky at dawn, and when the cranes and geese are at peak numbers. Still, even in January, there were still a lot of beautiful birds to see.

Sandhill cranes enjoying a leftover grain party

The preserve leaves plenty of grain in the fields for the birds. They seem appreciative, dancing and chortling in big groups.

A different view gives an idea of how many birds are there, even on an “off day”
We saw lots of hawks and eagles
As usual, the skies were bright against the gold’s of the terrain

We stopped at Socorro Brewing in Socorro on the way back. Unfortunately, the new owners hadn’t gotten their new beer and wine license yet, so no IPAs for us, but the food us great, and the license should arrive soon.

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