Pottery Play

Here we’re heading into our pottery boot camp. I am an experienced handbuilder with clay but hadn’t done so well at my last attempt at wheel throwing. So I’m terrified.

Here are our group members successfully making bowls and cups, with a little help from the staff. No wobbly pots here.

Our pottery studio has a long history. All our pottery will dry, be glazed, and fired behind the scenes. Then they will be shipped by boat to our homes. So we won’t see them for several months. This was fun, but not having a product in hand or finishing the project ourselves made it slightly less rewarding than other experiences. Still, it was a great hands on experiment and I don’t see how else the production could have been handled. Very professional staff made sure our creations were attractive and usable.

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I love to travel, do arts and crafts and photography. But most of all, I like to combine them all.

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