Travels with Owen

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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. ā€” Izaak Walton


My very personable dog, Owen, prefers that I don’t go anywhere without him, which has interesting impacts on my social life. Owen meets a lot of people who really want to get to know this funny looking dog with his wagging helicopter rotor tail. They coo, and pet, and coo, and totally ignore the human accompanying him. After all, I am just the star’s leash holder. When we aren’t dodging paparazzi, Owen’s favorite activity is eating, especially if it is human food that was left too close to the counter, such as perfectly ripened tomatoes. The mystery of the disappearing tomatoes stumped our entire family until we came into the kitchen to spy Owen prancing on top of the dining room table with a tomato securely in his maw. It seems he also likes peaches and green peppers.

Our family sends emails to Owen in care of his human caretakers. Our Brooklyn-based son, Scott, asks whether Owen would like to try lox and bagels. Our granddaughters suggest that he might like to relocate to Michigan in return for more petting. My Austin-based brother implies that Owen might prefer barbecue to kibble, and my Minnesotan brother offers summer boat rides and Kentucky-fried chicken. The only family members that aren’t corresponding with Owen are our daughter and son-in-law in Indiana, perhaps because they have their hands full with an adorable newborn baby. My friends inquire first about Owen, as well. I’d be jealous, but frankly I have the same reaction to the beast.

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I love to travel, do arts and crafts and photography. But most of all, I like to combine them all.

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