Cash Free in New Mexico

Over the next few months I’m going to test whether it’s possible to travel throughout New Mexico and Alaska and other sites without cash. So far I have managed to use credit cards at unlikely spots such as very small stores and craft fairs.  Caught cashless at a cute craft fair, I was pleasantly surprised when the vendor used an iPad with a card reader and software from Square ( to process my purchase and send me an email receipt.   While it has been over a year since I got this purse and it’s showing the results of daily abuse, it’s still one of my favorite fashion finds.  Now the question is. . .how far can I take the cashless phenomenon?  Can I spend a year of traveling and purchasing without using cash?

This article talks about some of the pluses and minuses of the new retail technologies the future of retail checkout

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I love to travel, do arts and crafts and photography. But most of all, I like to combine them all.

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