Travel by Tram

Albuquerque has spectacular views from its extremely safe Sandia tramway. According to the tramway, “it ascends from a base elevation of 6,559 feet (1,999 m) to a top elevation of 10,378 feet (3,163 m).

The tram reaching the top.
Great views
More great views from a trail near the tram
Great views at the top
The leaves are starting to turn at the top of the mountaim
Many folks ride the tram up and hike, ski, or bicycle down.
This heavy equipment looked like it was balanced on a sinkhole
A new restaurant is being built to replace the old one on top of the tramway
My brother and his husband seemed to enjoy the views

Afterwards, we stopped for food and drinks at the delightful Sandiago Grill at the base of the tram. In addition to fabulous views from inside and outside seating, their menu offerings have been jazzed up. The prices seemed a little higher than the last time I was there but are reasonable for the quality. My fish tacos were delicious. Unfortunately, this picture was taken after I’d messed up their plating. Forgive me, I was hungry!

Wow! Chainsaw Magic

I’m still putting up Japan pictures but my brother and his husband are visiting us in Albuquerque, NM so I thought I’d take a couple of side trips on my blog.

Onw of my favorite places to sit and sketch here is the woodcutters’ park at Pueblo Montaño. If you’ve ever watched chainsaw artists at work, youll realize how amazing these sculptures are.

The official name of the trailhead

The front of this one has a ghostly female image
The back has a fully fleshed out female visage

Love the little turtles on the back of this one

Different angles and lighting reveal new surprises